911 Operator

Meet Stacy Myself and Jen. This is a God thing on how HE put our lives together! Stacy is THE 911 operator that took the call almost 3 years back when I was kidnapped. God is so perfectly restoring my life, one life at a time!.

It was so nice to meet and tell this angel of mine,  “THANK YOU” and how it was GOD at work in all of this! Stacy began to tell me about my call… she said that when she answered the call it was ‘dead air’ and considered hanging up. Then she said that ‘something’ told her not to , a ‘gut feeling’ I say it was GOD! she did not hang up and began to ‘ping’ trace my dead cell phone.  Jen pictured on the right came to our church and joined my life group. She is a 911 operator and I began to tell her my story and I asked Jen if she remembered that call about the kidnapping. she didn’t but later in the week she let me know that she worked with the gal that took my call!! Stacy, my operator had kept that log in her locker always wondering what happened to me. Jen arranged this meeting this week and , well, just say there was alot of tears falling! I do not believe that this is the end of the story as Stacy is coming to church Sunday!!

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