As we were helping at DITR, I went to the ‘trees’ (a designated smoking area) to tell a homeless guy there was ice cream, This guy can eat ice cream !  When I noticed another guy, Eddie, on the ground, basically lying in the 2inch thick layer of pine needles. I went to Eddie and asked if he needed help. Eddie said, ”Yes mam, I can’t get up.” So I did my best to help him to the logs (where we sit to smoke) Once he was sitting, I noticed he looked like he had had a stroke previously. I asked if he was OK, He said he was. So I sat there, offered him a smoke and began chatting. Eddie said that he had a cane, but others had stolen it. Who would steal a cane from a man who so desperately needed it? Idk, but I offered to try and get him another one. Then I noticed his shoes were untied, and asked if he minded if i tied them for him, so I did and brushed the pine needles off him. My heart broke for this gentleman’s plight on the streets. My struggles became allot less important, as I began to think of his daily life out there!

I went to our director and asked if we had a cane or walker for Eddie.
A lady offer a walker for Eddie, so at the end of the day, Eddie had a walker!!

Whooo-hooo ! Good stuff!!
It breaks my heart, hearing other homeless people stealing ,  for many, it’s life on the streets especially from another homeless guy, one that has extra needs! Idk if they will steal Eddies walker again, but for today, and maybe for tomorrow, he has one. I just feel blessed that I was there to be able to make life a little easier for someone! That is all it takes, A moment of one’s time to help one another, lift another up whether physically, or spiritually. Even a smile can make someone’s day!
As always, it’s one day at a time for us all.
Many blessings!

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  1. Linda Richarads says:

    Amen sister keep up the good work! God loves ya and so do I.

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  3. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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