Our homeless ministry, Diamonds In The Rough NEEDS socks!! If you GOT SOCKS new, gently used, or can donate a gift card for socks, or give SOCKS to your homeless community, PLEASE do! The winter in setting in quickly, and our homeless friends need your compassion. SOCKS, rain gear, warm clothes, etc.

Fran from believes that everyone has something to give, and so do I. Fran has been sending us socks and other essentials! Also recieved a package of new socks from a sister and brother in Christ. if you don’t think that   1 pair, or one package can make a difference, IT DOES!

Sometime we get complacent in our lives, take for granted what we have been blessed with, or maybe you are judging why ‘those people’ got into this predicament. I say, that every one of their stories are different! Yes, many do turn to drugs or alcohol, mental illness, or whatever, but generally that is a way of “putting a band-aid” on the underlying root cause of their pain. Many just lost their job, homes foreclosed, There are kids out there! They didn’t ‘choose’ this!

So my wish is for us NOT to try and guess or judge their situations, Is giving a pair of SOCKS a ‘handout’ ? only if you give the SOCKS without taking the time to chat with them, to see what their needs are, and do what you can, offer resources you know of, maybe a bus ticket, an ID, or wifi, a resume, their needs are many, but do it all with LOVE, the kinda LOVE Jesus tells us to give. Tell them that they are loved, God loves us!

And always remember, Jesus died for that homeless person, as He did for you!


If God puts in in your heart send socks or donation for socks to

C/O Ally Diamonds In The Rough

Connecting Point Church of The Nazarene

PO Box 98

Denair, Ca 95316

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