Homeless helping homeless

A fine example of homeless helping homeless is Mooch! http://doingithomeless.com Many thanks to him for this free blog! -praying I can give it the justice it deserves! Homeless by choice or by circumstance, all homeless people or families have a face and a story of how they became homeless. What I as many of my homeless brothers and sisters, although homeless themselves, are reaching out to help others. I am hoping by puting a story behind my homelessness, I can inspire, educate, and bring a light to all. My husband, Jimmy and I, Ally, are homeless with a roof. Meaning that we live in an older RV, most of the luxuries of a RV doesn’t work on our. Like the generator, water, toilet, etc. Even with that said, we are blessed beyond words to have a roof, as many don’t!

That’s where you quickly figure out the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ We have been helped by many people, organazations and now are begining to be one of the homeless helping the homeless! So this is new to me blogging, I will have ”on-the-blog’ traning lol so that being said, lets enjoy the journey together on just one of countless other homeless out there! Our journey, begins now…..

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  1. This is a very helpful site…Im surprised no one thought of it until now as many homeless peeps as there are out there, and for so many years now! It was so thoughtful of you to think of others even in your own time of need. This site will help many others with the info to get hooked – up with things they need so badly. Hats off to Jimmy / Ally u guyz rock!!! Tell me how I can add ur page to mine so ppl I know can see it. 🙂

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