Life Changes

In June, we had to return home. Jimmy lost his job due to a warrant he had to return home to take care of. So we returned, with no solid plans of where to park and stay. With intentions of returning to Carson City when the issues were resolved. well…it didn’t quit work out that way…. because Life changes.

It is now 3 months later, and during the passing time, we began to help the homeless like ourselves. That has sparked a life and feeling of a new love and hope for me. As I help them, I am helping myself while being able to help my new friends. Attend my home church regularly, attend a few different bible studies, and attend Celebrate Recovery weekly! My faith and love for our Heavenly Father has grown beyond words! I am in a ‘WOW’ mode in amazement of how our lives has changed!
A new brother in Christ, has helped with money by having Jimmy do some odd jobs like painting, roofing, etc. That was such a blessing!
Jimmy went to court yesterday, and well, suffice it to say that we will be staying at least a year, probably more!
A brother from one of our bible studies, needed to hire someone at his job, and he called to ask if Jimmy was interested. Are you kidding me? YES,YES,YES!!!!! The normal drug screen and physical, and today, he began his new job!!! His daughter let us buy her car that has a broken CV axle (easy fix) on payments, we were given a gift of money to fix it and get his licenses!! My son, is taking Jimmy to work until it gets the needed repairs.
We never felt a sense of hopelessness, we knew God has a plan for our lives. so we just clunked on…. now the beginning of our new life, a start of obtaining housing (I want to be able to WALK in my home someday) is begining to develop! For now, we are safely parked at a ranch, with loving people around! If housing never comes, or if the job ends faster than expected,  whatever happens, with eyes on Christ, and by faith we will endure! Because Life Changes for the better when you have God in it!!


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4 Responses to Life Changes

  1. I love storys like this bcuz she’s lived it and been thru it all right down to living on the street. I know Ally personally and can tell you that what she’s saying to you on this bloog is real and truthful. Her and Jimmy are survivers and are recovering addicts who still struggle to get thru each day, one day at a time! And whats even more amazing is that they are useing their past experiences to reach out to others and try help them with whatever means is available to them which is the reason for this blog. So if your homeless or need help plz know that they are here for you. Keep up the good work u2! 🙂

  2. Thx for the offer Ally but i’m good. I just felt the need to applaud you and jimmy for your selflessness and effort in helping others. 🙂

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