Mike is homeless, like many. Mike recycles for his income. He rents a space to live in someones yard. That way he and his dog, Tuffy, are safer than being on the streets. Mike comes to our program, Diamonds In The Rough. He comes in very hungry and dirty from his recyclable gathering.

 These are his ‘before and after’ pics.



Mike loves Ice Cream! He says he could eat an entire Gallon in one setting! I believe it! lol                                                  

           Our church was having a fundraiser, and Mike rode his bike to our church, asked if he could gather up the recyclables. It was nearing the 100’s that day! He gathered  what he could carry, rode his bike to turn them in, then rode back and donated half of the money he received! It was about $4, which really isn’t the point, it’s that Mike rode in the heat of the day, about 4-5 miles each way, to donate to the fundraiser, was inspiring! He so could of used the money himself… But he choose to bring 1/2 of his ‘earnings’ back!

       This last Monday, Mike came in (pic above) and was late because Tuffy had broken his chain so Mike had to ride to get him secured before he could join us. He spent his money on a master link for his dog. Mike got the biggest one thinking that would better secure Tuffy. Well, it was to big for the chain. I asked Mike how much he was out, and he replied $3. Funny because all I had on me was $3, which I gave him to get another master link. He was very hungry, I gave him 2 plates of food, which he inhaled! He needed a shower, We found some clothes that kinda fit him, while I washed his. The pants didn’t fit to well, his were in the wash, and another of our homeless friends gave Mike a pair he had just got!! That was so awesome watching others help out others even they are in the same circumstance, homeless.

          I had to share a little bit of Mike’s story, which I am learning more of every Monday. maybe to bring more awareness of life on the streets, or maybe to let everyone know of life isn’t easy, but by thinking of others, as Mike clearly does, in every circumstance, you can help others. It isn’t measured by the amount of how you help, just that you do!

          Mike will be getting a surprise next Monday, Fran from http://mitzvahcircle.org ! Fran is sending him a note, some new boots (his are so worn and have holes in the sides by his wide feet) and other things! I can’t wait to see his face light up!   

         I am sure I will be blogging more about Mike as we get to know each other as our paths cross. I firmly believe that God puts people in eah others path for a reason, I in Mike’s and Mike’s in mine.  I thank our Father for His grace upon my life, I am blessed to know Mike.



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