My dog ate my hairbrush

If you have any needs, you need to check out . Fran, the founder and friends are continuing to help us help others, and 100’s across America. She text me and asked if there was anything I needed. I said, “need, no-want, yes” Then I began to tell her about my hairbrush that my puppy ate. The only question she had was Target or Wallmart, and if I had a mailing address so she could send me a gift card to get my hairbrush and anything else I needed. Fran said I needed things too. The picture is what I purchased! 

    That is the kind of compassion that Mitzvah Circle Foundation has. To many a hairbrush isn’t a big deal, but when it is the only one you have and no money to purchase another it results in REALLY, REALLY bad hair days! I kept it mostly in pony-tails, thinking it would hide the knots in my hair. No one said anything, although I didn’t have a good feeling about myself, but kept going out to do what I needed to do, help others less fortunate. The hairbrush wasn’t just a hairbrush, it was compassion, it is dignity, it is a feeling that I matter!

   I am *dancing* now!! Whoooo-Hooooo! my new hairbrush is awesome! My hair isn’t being pulled out at the roots, and I think I have all my knots out….lol. What a blessing for me!

  A “Thank You” to Fran doesn’t work, she always replies with she is grateful to be able to help others. But I still have to say it “Thank You Fran, God bless you and your friends”

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