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Hi , My name is Ally and this is my husband, Jimmy
Before I begin, let’s pray… “Father God, may my story be a light to those living in darkness, as I was. Father Use my pain and now my peace so that others who are lost and broken may accept your mercy, grace and love that can only come from You, I ask in Jesus mighty and holy name, Amen”
As a child I was always searching for someone to love me. My mom left us I the 1st grade. My dad when I was in 5th. I found out that I had a ‘paternal father when I was 12. All 3 of my parents were alcoholics and atheists. I knew nothing of God. I started drinking, when my step father ‘showed me off’ to his friends that I could drink straight Vodka in the 5th grade, right before he left

Couch surfing at an early age of 12, school was a hard thing to accomplish. I married and dropped out at 15, 10th grade. I was looking for a place to belong, someone to love me. That is when I began using Crystal Meth.
My husband childhood is different, his family regularly attended church. His parents are still alive and together after 57 years of marriage. He doesn’t know exactly went he astray, selling drugs among other things He didn’t get ‘caught’ at what he was doing, although still wrong.
Life became increasingly darker. Our lives were spiraling out of control. Domestic violence was often the drugs and alcohol plenty; the FEAR is what I remembered most. Drinking made me not remember the other stuff. , late in July, 2010, I was gagged, thrown in and on the floor and covered up with a blanket, for about 100 miles before the police caught up to us. We had begun to fight because I could find any drugs. As I laid there on the floor of the RV, God placed my old cell phone that wasn’t charged, and had no service. My hands were free and I open it and it worked! I dialed 911; the police later said they found us only by my cell phone
My beginning of knowing God was there with me!
My son picked me up from the police station. The next day was Sunday and I had to attend church with them. When I woke up with a major hang-over and needing drugs I respect fully declined going to church. lol nope, I HAD to go said my son. So I went and was moved by God’s presence! I cried the entire service Pastor was talking directly to me the entire service. (later I asked my Pastor if my son had told Him my issues and he told me No, that he prepares his sermons 6 months in advance, He had no idea that I was going to be there or my circumstances, BUT GOD DID!!)
Well, about a week later Jimmy got out of jail and I thought he had found me, because there was a tall figure outside my window. I screamed and crawled on my hands and knees to my son’s room crying hysterically with so much fear! About that moment, my son walked into the room behind me and I thought, “oh my God he found me “, I could hardly breathe Then my son said my name, the tears of relief over came me. I went into the room I was staying in and I curled up in the fetal position crying, sobbing, crying out,”GOD I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE” Then a peace that only comes from God came over me…!!!!! so I grabbed some paper, ripped it into pieces to make a paper chain, on each link I wrote my fears, my anger, my addictions and my promise to God that I would surrender my life to Him, I put that very heavy paper chain with all my burdens and things I needed God to take from me around my neck, and prayed and cried, I am unsure of the time that passed, God had lifted my burdens and took away my pain, I took the chain off, it was the weight of paper again. I HAD GIVEN MY LIFE TO CHRIST! I burned the chain in the morning.
My son suggested I listen only to Christian music , KLove, actually! I was always crying with joy how I wasn’t the only one going thru things as I listened to the words and stories of God’s love for us, His children! There is HOPE! God LOVES me, no matter my ‘junk-in-the-trunk’
Since then, August 24, 2010 Life has been amazing!!! By the grace of God , I never did Meth again, and I am I am 13 months sober!.
When Jimmy got out of jail, he was walking and stopped to take a rest behind a dumpster. He came across an open suitcase full of books; in the mist of them was a bible. He picks it up carried with him and began to read it.
Jimmy had given his life to Christ as a child. God never left him. When Jimmy needed God most, He was there.
I was told by Pastors wife that “Jesus died for Jimmy too.” I will never forget that.
I had to have Jimmy see the ‘new me’ Not just for Jimmy, but for everyone! We so I called jimmy against everyone’s disapproval, my new family had kept me safe, and I was stepping back into danger again, but something compelled me to let the light of Jesus shine. We immediately began our escape to Carson City, NV.
Traveling took a long time because the rv wasn’t running well. We could only drive 10 miles, and then let it rest; it took over a month to get to Nevada. God kept us safe, one example is that we only had a little green bottle of propane, that was our cooking and heat. That one bottle lasted over a month! The rv wasn’t running well and while going up a hill on a 2 lane highway, the engine was dying. We had already had to back up several times before. This time, I was standing by the door ready to jump. I was praying hard! Then I remembered that somewhere in the bible, it says “stay in the boat” you will live if you stay I the boat” so I stayed The thought entered my mind that this trouble was a direct hit from the enemy…. I rebuked Satan by the blood of Jesus and all of a sudden the engine caught fire, big fire! I rebuked again and Jimmy put out the fire, the rv ran better, good enough o get us to Carson. When we parked at a wal mart, I just knew this was Gods plan for us.
While reading the bible, I kept reading Jesus drank wine, so the alcoholic in me started drinking again; I ended up in the hospital, called Pastor Rex and asked for prayer. I was very sick. I have not touched alcohol since then, Jan.25th 2011
We began attending Connected the Nazarene Church there, but FFC allowed us to park on their property. This was during the winter. We had no electricity, or propane. We read the bible, made candles out of used wax and tea strings for the wicks. Jimmy made an igloo or walls of blankets to keep us warm. I wore 3 layers of clothes and covered in 4 blankets. I believe that was Gods plan to stop us and depend solely upon him. We did! Jimmy was baptized there last march. Jimmy was also was forgiven and changed by God. Our marriage and life is based on Loving God first.
Jeremiah 29:11 tells me that God knows the plans for my life, not me. I fully trust in that.
Jimmy and I were what is called homeless, but a rv dweller.. For over 8 years this rv, nothing worked, so it was basically a roof, which I always felt very blessed to have. We had to return here, as Jimmy lost his job because of a warrant. Having faith in God, we took his last paycheck and came home. Never intending to stay… God plan is different than ours… So we were allowed to stay on a ranch property of one of the members here, began volunteering at our homeless ministry. Giving back and sharing our story and listening to theirs… We give them the love that was freely given to each and every one of us.
Luke 3: 11 say that if we have 2 shirts to share with him who has none and the one with food should do the same.
God blessed Jimmy with a job, I continued volunteering with the homeless, cleaning the church, just wherever I could serve.
on Christmas Eve 2011. My prayer was for running water for Christmas and my prayer was answered by renting a house with hot and cold and draining water!! My saying is,
“God blessed me with homelessness and gave me Eternity!”
One lesson that I learned is electricity is a want Not a need, for God will give us what we need , and through homelessness and my story I learned that I do have a DAD who loves me and will never leave me nor forsake me! I am NOT a mistake
God put on my heart to clear up my past, a 4 year old dui, I didn’t have a clue how to, where to. God did, He placed the people in my life at just the right moment to help me take the next unknown step. Where I am now, having a driver’s license! Oh it’s not over, I still have a little jail time to do, that does not scare me, I know that God has gone before me.
This is His plan. This is not my home, but while I am here, I want to have His light shine in me and through me to the lost and broken of this world. To be transformed from the inside out! God is still working on me, daily. The FEAR is gone, replaced by PEACE.

Colossians 3:15   And let the PEACE that comes from CHRIST rule in your hearts.

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