Our homeless ministry, Diamonds In The Rough NEEDS socks!! If you GOT SOCKS new, gently used, or can donate a gift card for socks, or give SOCKS to your homeless community, PLEASE do! The winter in setting in quickly, and our homeless friends need your compassion. SOCKS, rain gear, warm clothes, etc.

Fran from believes that everyone has something to give, and so do I. Fran has been sending us socks and other essentials! Also recieved a package of new socks from a sister and brother in Christ. if you don’t think that   1 pair, or one package can make a difference, IT DOES!

Sometime we get complacent in our lives, take for granted what we have been blessed with, or maybe you are judging why ‘those people’ got into this predicament. I say, that every one of their stories are different! Yes, many do turn to drugs or alcohol, mental illness, or whatever, but generally that is a way of “putting a band-aid” on the underlying root cause of their pain. Many just lost their job, homes foreclosed, There are kids out there! They didn’t ‘choose’ this!

So my wish is for us NOT to try and guess or judge their situations, Is giving a pair of SOCKS a ‘handout’ ? only if you give the SOCKS without taking the time to chat with them, to see what their needs are, and do what you can, offer resources you know of, maybe a bus ticket, an ID, or wifi, a resume, their needs are many, but do it all with LOVE, the kinda LOVE Jesus tells us to give. Tell them that they are loved, God loves us!

And always remember, Jesus died for that homeless person, as He did for you!


If God puts in in your heart send socks or donation for socks to

C/O Ally Diamonds In The Rough

Connecting Point Church of The Nazarene

PO Box 98

Denair, Ca 95316

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Mike is homeless, like many. Mike recycles for his income. He rents a space to live in someones yard. That way he and his dog, Tuffy, are safer than being on the streets. Mike comes to our program, Diamonds In The Rough. He comes in very hungry and dirty from his recyclable gathering.

 These are his ‘before and after’ pics.



Mike loves Ice Cream! He says he could eat an entire Gallon in one setting! I believe it! lol                                                  

           Our church was having a fundraiser, and Mike rode his bike to our church, asked if he could gather up the recyclables. It was nearing the 100’s that day! He gathered  what he could carry, rode his bike to turn them in, then rode back and donated half of the money he received! It was about $4, which really isn’t the point, it’s that Mike rode in the heat of the day, about 4-5 miles each way, to donate to the fundraiser, was inspiring! He so could of used the money himself… But he choose to bring 1/2 of his ‘earnings’ back!

       This last Monday, Mike came in (pic above) and was late because Tuffy had broken his chain so Mike had to ride to get him secured before he could join us. He spent his money on a master link for his dog. Mike got the biggest one thinking that would better secure Tuffy. Well, it was to big for the chain. I asked Mike how much he was out, and he replied $3. Funny because all I had on me was $3, which I gave him to get another master link. He was very hungry, I gave him 2 plates of food, which he inhaled! He needed a shower, We found some clothes that kinda fit him, while I washed his. The pants didn’t fit to well, his were in the wash, and another of our homeless friends gave Mike a pair he had just got!! That was so awesome watching others help out others even they are in the same circumstance, homeless.

          I had to share a little bit of Mike’s story, which I am learning more of every Monday. maybe to bring more awareness of life on the streets, or maybe to let everyone know of life isn’t easy, but by thinking of others, as Mike clearly does, in every circumstance, you can help others. It isn’t measured by the amount of how you help, just that you do!

          Mike will be getting a surprise next Monday, Fran from ! Fran is sending him a note, some new boots (his are so worn and have holes in the sides by his wide feet) and other things! I can’t wait to see his face light up!   

         I am sure I will be blogging more about Mike as we get to know each other as our paths cross. I firmly believe that God puts people in eah others path for a reason, I in Mike’s and Mike’s in mine.  I thank our Father for His grace upon my life, I am blessed to know Mike.



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I have to give a shout-out to my wonderful daughter, Sarah. I am a very proud mommy of the young lady she has become! Her heart is bigger than anyone knows, as she helped Jimmy and I all winter while we were in Carson City parked at FFC church in the snow with no electricity and no income. She faithfully came to our financial rescue whenever we needed anything. Like when I went into the hospital, chronic anemia, I required 3 blood transfusions and was severely mal-nourished. She sent money, she works part-time and had her own bills to pay, which includes Jimmy’s and my cell phones! She has insisted to keep my cell phone on with Internet! so that she can make sure her mommy is OK!! That Internet connection is how I made this blog, Mooch set it up for me, and I began blogging from my phone. Which by the way, my phone can’t spell! So Mooch would fix the errors and so this blog came to life!

Shay Kelley and Shane Patrick, of  us in Carson. They travel the 50 states in 50 weeks. They encouraged much of my mission today, homeless helping homeless. While they were in Sarah’s area, they got together and Sarah helped make and distribute hygiene bags. I am so proud of her, she did it to help others, not to judge others as her mom is homeless!

I did some terrible things to her while I was using and drinking, I thank God she has forgiven me!

As a mom, my heart fills with pride for what she has done and continues to do for others. As her friend, I am encouraged .

A very special THANK YOU !!! I am blessed to be the mommy of such a wonderful young and beautiful lady, inside and out!!!!


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Life Changes

In June, we had to return home. Jimmy lost his job due to a warrant he had to return home to take care of. So we returned, with no solid plans of where to park and stay. With intentions of returning to Carson City when the issues were resolved. well…it didn’t quit work out that way…. because Life changes.

It is now 3 months later, and during the passing time, we began to help the homeless like ourselves. That has sparked a life and feeling of a new love and hope for me. As I help them, I am helping myself while being able to help my new friends. Attend my home church regularly, attend a few different bible studies, and attend Celebrate Recovery weekly! My faith and love for our Heavenly Father has grown beyond words! I am in a ‘WOW’ mode in amazement of how our lives has changed!
A new brother in Christ, has helped with money by having Jimmy do some odd jobs like painting, roofing, etc. That was such a blessing!
Jimmy went to court yesterday, and well, suffice it to say that we will be staying at least a year, probably more!
A brother from one of our bible studies, needed to hire someone at his job, and he called to ask if Jimmy was interested. Are you kidding me? YES,YES,YES!!!!! The normal drug screen and physical, and today, he began his new job!!! His daughter let us buy her car that has a broken CV axle (easy fix) on payments, we were given a gift of money to fix it and get his licenses!! My son, is taking Jimmy to work until it gets the needed repairs.
We never felt a sense of hopelessness, we knew God has a plan for our lives. so we just clunked on…. now the beginning of our new life, a start of obtaining housing (I want to be able to WALK in my home someday) is begining to develop! For now, we are safely parked at a ranch, with loving people around! If housing never comes, or if the job ends faster than expected,  whatever happens, with eyes on Christ, and by faith we will endure! Because Life Changes for the better when you have God in it!!


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As I was at a concert last night. I sat next to Sheila. Sheila isn’t involved with any organizations, she is helping the homeless on her own. She shared that she began to give $1 inside of a pocket book of the book of John. Now she decided that instead of tithing (she knows God requires us to tithe), so instead of giving it to a church, she gives it to the homeless. She buys the little pocket books, granola bars, water, and other basic items and goes to the people in person, on the streets! That was encouraging to hear! I suggested she might want to add socks in the bag, She loved the idea. Just another way any of us can help others.

I write this to share how one person can make a difference! Now that is compassion in action!


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My dog ate my hairbrush

If you have any needs, you need to check out . Fran, the founder and friends are continuing to help us help others, and 100’s across America. She text me and asked if there was anything I needed. I said, “need, no-want, yes” Then I began to tell her about my hairbrush that my puppy ate. The only question she had was Target or Wallmart, and if I had a mailing address so she could send me a gift card to get my hairbrush and anything else I needed. Fran said I needed things too. The picture is what I purchased! 

    That is the kind of compassion that Mitzvah Circle Foundation has. To many a hairbrush isn’t a big deal, but when it is the only one you have and no money to purchase another it results in REALLY, REALLY bad hair days! I kept it mostly in pony-tails, thinking it would hide the knots in my hair. No one said anything, although I didn’t have a good feeling about myself, but kept going out to do what I needed to do, help others less fortunate. The hairbrush wasn’t just a hairbrush, it was compassion, it is dignity, it is a feeling that I matter!

   I am *dancing* now!! Whoooo-Hooooo! my new hairbrush is awesome! My hair isn’t being pulled out at the roots, and I think I have all my knots out….lol. What a blessing for me!

  A “Thank You” to Fran doesn’t work, she always replies with she is grateful to be able to help others. But I still have to say it “Thank You Fran, God bless you and your friends”

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Peace bag

Isaac handwritten name

Peace bag

As I was giving the care packages to our homeless friends today that had sent, I found this peace bag. At first sight I thought “Wow this is a cool bag, our friends were grabbing the shoes, undies, other bags, etc. Something about that bag kept getting my attention. I picked up the bag and when I opened it i noticed the inside tag and my heart was overwhelmed! The label said “Made with love, by Isaac Mitzvah Circle Foundation” His name, is handwritten!!!!  🙂

At that moment, I thought of the love that Isaac had made this for someone he did not know! That thru the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, Fran and her helpers would get it to someone in need. I personally want to say ”THANK YOU ISAAC!”

That’s the kind of love we need in our hearts, to give to all! Fran sent the care box to help me help others, that bag, I kept. Not to deny another of it, but I show and share the story with everyone! It’s not just a ‘bag’ to me, it’s hope, it’s love, kindness, caring, sharing and a reminder that it just takes a little love to put a smile in someone’s heart, that can make their day a bit more joyful!!!


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As we were helping at DITR, I went to the ‘trees’ (a designated smoking area) to tell a homeless guy there was ice cream, This guy can eat ice cream !  When I noticed another guy, Eddie, on the ground, basically lying in the 2inch thick layer of pine needles. I went to Eddie and asked if he needed help. Eddie said, ”Yes mam, I can’t get up.” So I did my best to help him to the logs (where we sit to smoke) Once he was sitting, I noticed he looked like he had had a stroke previously. I asked if he was OK, He said he was. So I sat there, offered him a smoke and began chatting. Eddie said that he had a cane, but others had stolen it. Who would steal a cane from a man who so desperately needed it? Idk, but I offered to try and get him another one. Then I noticed his shoes were untied, and asked if he minded if i tied them for him, so I did and brushed the pine needles off him. My heart broke for this gentleman’s plight on the streets. My struggles became allot less important, as I began to think of his daily life out there!

I went to our director and asked if we had a cane or walker for Eddie.
A lady offer a walker for Eddie, so at the end of the day, Eddie had a walker!!

Whooo-hooo ! Good stuff!!
It breaks my heart, hearing other homeless people stealing ,  for many, it’s life on the streets especially from another homeless guy, one that has extra needs! Idk if they will steal Eddies walker again, but for today, and maybe for tomorrow, he has one. I just feel blessed that I was there to be able to make life a little easier for someone! That is all it takes, A moment of one’s time to help one another, lift another up whether physically, or spiritually. Even a smile can make someone’s day!
As always, it’s one day at a time for us all.
Many blessings!

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Homeless helping homeless

A fine example of homeless helping homeless is Mooch! Many thanks to him for this free blog! -praying I can give it the justice it deserves! Homeless by choice or by circumstance, all homeless people or families have a face and a story of how they became homeless. What I as many of my homeless brothers and sisters, although homeless themselves, are reaching out to help others. I am hoping by puting a story behind my homelessness, I can inspire, educate, and bring a light to all. My husband, Jimmy and I, Ally, are homeless with a roof. Meaning that we live in an older RV, most of the luxuries of a RV doesn’t work on our. Like the generator, water, toilet, etc. Even with that said, we are blessed beyond words to have a roof, as many don’t!

That’s where you quickly figure out the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ We have been helped by many people, organazations and now are begining to be one of the homeless helping the homeless! So this is new to me blogging, I will have ”on-the-blog’ traning lol so that being said, lets enjoy the journey together on just one of countless other homeless out there! Our journey, begins now…..

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