Peace bag

Isaac handwritten name

Peace bag

As I was giving the care packages to our homeless friends today that had sent, I found this peace bag. At first sight I thought “Wow this is a cool bag, our friends were grabbing the shoes, undies, other bags, etc. Something about that bag kept getting my attention. I picked up the bag and when I opened it i noticed the inside tag and my heart was overwhelmed! The label said “Made with love, by Isaac Mitzvah Circle Foundation” His name, is handwritten!!!!  🙂

At that moment, I thought of the love that Isaac had made this for someone he did not know! That thru the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, Fran and her helpers would get it to someone in need. I personally want to say ”THANK YOU ISAAC!”

That’s the kind of love we need in our hearts, to give to all! Fran sent the care box to help me help others, that bag, I kept. Not to deny another of it, but I show and share the story with everyone! It’s not just a ‘bag’ to me, it’s hope, it’s love, kindness, caring, sharing and a reminder that it just takes a little love to put a smile in someone’s heart, that can make their day a bit more joyful!!!


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4 Responses to Peace bag

  1. Julia says:

    Your words brought tears to my eyes. I wonder who Isaac is? Mitzvah Circle is WONDERFUL! XXOO

    • ally says:

      Aww!! tears of Joy I pray!! Thank you! I also am wondering who Isaac is? Fran at Mitzvah Circle is such a blessing to many people and families across America!

  2. Mary says:

    Much appreciated for the information and share!

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