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911 Operator

Meet Stacy Myself and Jen. This is a God thing on how HE put our lives together! Stacy is THE 911 operator that took the call almost 3 years back when I was kidnapped. God is so perfectly restoring my … Continue reading

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Not How It Ends

Homeless. Hopeless. Lost. Broken. Hurt. At any given moment YOU DO have the power to change. it. It may take awhile and probably will. I write this as the year mark is next week that we have been in the same location … Continue reading

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Mike is homeless, like many. Mike recycles for his income. He rents a space to live in someones yard. That way he and his dog, Tuffy, are safer than being on the streets. Mike comes to our program, Diamonds In The Rough. … Continue reading

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I have to give a shout-out to my wonderful daughter, Sarah. I am a very proud mommy of the young lady she has become! Her heart is bigger than anyone knows, as she helped Jimmy and I all winter while … Continue reading

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Life Changes

In June, we had to return home. Jimmy lost his job due to a warrant he had to return home to take care of. So we returned, with no solid plans of where to park and stay. With intentions of … Continue reading

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As I was at a concert last night. I sat next to Sheila. Sheila isn’t involved with any organizations, she is helping the homeless on her own. She shared that she began to give $1 inside of a pocket book … Continue reading

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Peace bag

Peace bag As I was giving the care packages to our homeless friends today that http://mitzvahcircle.org had sent, I found this peace bag. At first sight I thought “Wow this is a cool bag, our friends were grabbing the shoes, … Continue reading

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As we were helping at DITR, I went to the ‘trees’ (a designated smoking area) to tell a homeless guy there was ice cream, This guy can eat ice cream !  When I noticed another guy, Eddie, on the ground, basically lying … Continue reading

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Homeless helping homeless

A fine example of homeless helping homeless is Mooch! http://doingithomeless.com Many thanks to him for this free blog! -praying I can give it the justice it deserves! Homeless by choice or by circumstance, all homeless people or families have a face and … Continue reading

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