We have a house!

Someone ask me what I wanted for Christmas, My reply was RUNNING WATER. We were blessed on Christmas Eve with hot and cold and running and draining water! Living in a house and the amenities that living in a home provides is still surreal to me.
I know this is a blessing from God. I try to be humble and not to forget those that are still without housing. My ministry with the homeless continues and has even grown. I am now the Assistant Director at Diamonds In The Rough Homeless Ministry.

The road to sobriety and housing has been wild to say the least! We just surrendered our lives to the care of God and are currently ‘straighting up’ the past mistakes.

Easy?  nope. Rewarding? YUP! We  are taking our stories, experiences and love to share with others. Not that it is the only way out of homelessness, but to offer hope, a ‘light’ at the end of the tunnel. Every homeless person is a child of God, someones son or daughter, mother or father. their stories of their journey is unique. So by taking their circumstances, addressing the basics, showers, IDs,etc. is a begining to rise out of homelessness. We have to start somewhere.

As I enjoy the basics of electricity, heat, a shower, a bed, the blessing, the love of our Father I am in AWE of His grace.



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